Eppicard Debit Card Customer Service Tips

Eppicard customer service gets a lot of complaints and if you look at places like the Better Business Bureau of Texas, you will see that the Texas Customer Service Support has not been the best and and that can be said of MS eppicard customer service and support, which has left many debit MasterCard holders very frustrated with the level of service that is provided.

If you are familiar with this debit card program, it is used by states to pay their unemployment benefits and child support payments to eligible recipients. There are several issues that customer service can help cardholders resolve. The biggest of them is unauthorized transactions that appear on the accounts. This may be due to illegal and fraud transactions from eppicard phishing. Nonetheless, it is still a program that needs immediate attention and when you call customer service for help and have to get the run around, it can get very frustrating since you don’t know how deep the problem is and if the fraudsters will continue to get money from the account.

Another issue that is common with these debit MasterCards is how to get lost cards replaced. If you misplace or can’t locate it, getting a support person on the phone to help you get a new one mailed to you can become a challenge because it’s is sometimes close to impossible to get them on the phone. ┬áThere are other issues, like locating surcharge free ATMs, getting an expired card re-issued for Child Support payment recipients. Overall, there just needs to be an improvement in the service provided.

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